full moon behind a dead tree on a hilltop.

Monica's PSP6-7 Halloween Moon

I was inspired to do this by my spooky tree lesson. I needed a Moon to fit in the other lesson's scenes and I tried a feature I always forget about. You only need PSP7 for this lesson.

The title font is called Bloody.

  1. Open a new 200x200 transparent 16.7 million color image. You can use any size image as long as it's a perfect square so the circle effect will work.
  2. Add a new layer named Solid.
  3. Flood fill Jasc Flood tool icon with foreground color #FFFECB for the nice base color.

    base color added

  4. Add a new layer named Features. This will be the moonscape.
  5. Set foreground color to C0C0C0 and the foreground texture to lunar and flood fill the layer. (Remember that the Texture boxes are the 2 boxes directly below the Styles boxes. If you don't have the Lunar texture, you are welcome to experiment with other available textures. Plastic3 is a good option.)

    textured area

  6. Go to Effects->Texture->Sculpture and use the following settings. We are making the craters more prominent. For PSP6 Users: Image->Effects->Sculpture

    sculpture settings filled window with sculpture

  7. Merge Visible your layers so the circle effect will work. We want both moon parts to become circles.
  8. Go to Effects->Geometric->Circle and you magically have a moon. Keep selected. For PSP6 users : Image->Deformation->Circle. (Thanks Vikki!)

    textured circle

  9. Duplicate your layer. This allows us to keep our moon inside the cutout.
  10. Now, go to Effects->3D->Cutout and use the following setting to get the waxing or waning effect on the moon. You are welcome to play with these settings to move the shadow around. For PSP6 users: Image->Effects->Cutout. Note: Your Cutout window will look a bit different from my screenshot.

    Jasc Cutout window cutout added

  11. 11. Merge Visible one last time. You're done and didn't use any selection files. Save or tube as you wish.

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