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These images were either created from scratch by me or were created using lessons, tubes and other materials [belonging to their creators who retain all rights] for group activities. Feel free to ask me about specific images. You can also visit my Links pages for helpful sites.

Challenge images are images limiting the use of PSP to the materials that were included with PSP on the CD version and any outside filters. Tubes, or other images not included are not allowed to create these images.

Doodle images are usually my own PSP playtime results and may or may not have clipart or other outside items present.

Tutorial refers to images made from tutorials. If the tutorial is still up and available, I will provide the link. You may also see some clipart or other materials in these images.

Once again, these are just for your viewing pleasure. If they inspire you, very good. Any gallery graphics and page graphics are for looking only- not linking to, copying, archiving, reselling, or claiming as your own.

Yes, this page does take a while to load with all these graphics. Please be patient.

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