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last updated: December 8, 2010

Welcome to my PSP9 links page! These are the links which I have found useful as I learn PSP9. There are plenty of goodies included to play with, and most of your nonpreset items can be read in 9 without conversion. New items include more customization, new raw file support for a range of cameras, Art Media Layer(neither raster nor vector) and tools, new photo adjustment filters to name a few. After the release of PSP9, CorelTM purchased Jasc®.

Helping Tech Support help you!

Easy way to give CorelTM the debug info needed: Help->About->System Info. Select all info shown, press "copy" button, then paste into your report via the email form and any private mail to the techs. Then paste in the exact steps or include the script you recorded showing the problem.

Other links

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Check the CorelTM information link for special offers and pricing to new and current software owners. "Boxed version" refers to complete software, all tubes, presets, scripts, etc., and a printed manual. Download purchasers will have several download packages.


Official CorelTM Sites


PSP9 Beginner Spots


PSP9 Tut Indexers


PSP9 FAQs Sites


PSP9 Goodies


PSP9 Scripting Info

First, you can easily check PSP's own "Learning Center" (F10), "Product Tour", and "Automating Tasks" in the Help Files for more information on writing your own scripts (HELP->Topics->Automating Tasks). Yes, you should have all those files included with PSP9. For those of you using the download version of PSP9, check the "PSP9 Additional Download Components" page mentioned above for additional scripting help.


PSP9 Tablet Use


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