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updated: Jan. 25, 2005.


Yes, my original images are copyrighted to me. No, you may not profit from my original images. If you are interested in licensing or buying the rights, please contact me and we can work out something. Otherwise, images you create from my lessons, excluding techniques, are for your personal use only. I'll be making any profits to be made from my work.

Creating CorelTM Quick Guides from my Tutorials

No. I reserve the right to create and offer my own tutorials in CorelTM's Quick Guide format.

Creating Scripts from My Tutorials

No. I reserve the right to create and offer my own tutorials as scripts.

Downloading Tutorials

Yes, you may print off my tutorials for your own personal use only. Note I retain all distribution rights and all profits derived from my tutorials.

Emailing tutorials

No. I do not allow you to copy my tutorial and then resend the entire lesson and files through email. That is redistributing my hard work. You may provide a text link directing people to my web site.


You are welcome to share the text urls of my pages, provided you are not a pornography site or have pornography links on your site. If you need to contact me about using my lessons in your group that's fine. I'd love to hear from you.

My Tutorials

These may not be altered, uploaded, edited or reproduced. This includes my text, graphics, and screen shots.


At this point, I have authorized only 1 site to translate some of my lessons to Dutch. They asked first and explained the reason why they translated. For any other language, I do provide an excess of screen shots and there are several accurate translation sites out there. Do contact me if you have questions.

Carin and Diana's translated Dutch Tutorials link

Note for those wanting to translate my tutorials to other graphics programs to post on the web, PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST.


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Using my tutorial, means you agreed to these usage terms. All page elements, tutorials, and explanatory and sample graphics belong to me except where otherwise noted.

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