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Monica's Preset Gingerbread House PSP7

I love to eat ginger bread anytime, but I've never tried making a real gingerbread house. Why play, when I can just eat it warm? I am just supplying the basic house form here in selections- roof, 2 walls, door, and 1 set of window shutters. For those of you who just panicked, you will choose the BladePro presets to use on each area and then decorate as you like. Before you all panic again, JASC does provide tubes of nuts, candy canes, round candies, and candy corn, etc. Yes, I'll give you a few more sources as well, but remember that you must always honor the tube creator's usage terms.

Which presets did I use on each house? (Collection - preset name)

Title House:

Sample 1:




Get my house .sel files here.

Download my special preset package offered with Martin's permission here. Martin's presets should be placed in the BladePro or Super BladePro Textures and Environments folder after unzipping them.

Please drop in and visit Martin's Planet Preset & BladePro Cafe for the rest of his amazing food presets. Thank you for creating these Martin.

Get the tubes missing from the PSP7.0 download version here.

Get some other JASC holiday tubes. You may need to convert them to work properly.

Make your own Icing Tubes lesson.

Make your own Snacks lesson.

Karen's Korner Tube index. Check under C->Candy and at the end of the tube index for the Christmas tubes.


  1. Open a new image new, 400 x 400, 16.7 million color transparent image.
  2. Add a new layer, Side. Selections->Load from Disk my MWsidewalls.sel file.
  3. Flood fill flood fill with white. This is so the Blade Pro filter works later.
  4. Add a new layer, Front. Selections->Load from Disk my MWfront.sel file.
  5. Flood fill flood fill with white.
  6. Add a new layer, Side Roof. Load the MWsideroof.sel and fill flood fill with white.
  7. Add a new layer, Front door. Load the MWdoor.sel and fill flood fill with white.
  8. Finally, add your shutters layer. Load the MWshutters.sel and fill flood fill with white.

    Before applying presets- your layers should have white fills!

    "EEK! hers is different colors and mine isn't!" Don't panic. I did the different colors to show you the different layers since white on white doesn't show up well. ;)Yours should still be all white until you apply presets. Now is a really good time to save this as a blankhouse.psp or whatever to avoid redoing all these steps in the future. I just do a SHIFT-D to duplicate the file and close the original when I want to decorate a house.

  9. For each of the layers, apply the preset of your choice. I pick the same one for the front and side walls. A different one for the roof, and so on. As a side note, I have seen a sugar cookie pueblo done in real life for those who are stuck on that gingerbread flavor/color.
  10. Now, use your imagination to decorate your new house. Candy canes can become gutters, handles or brackets. Gum drops become lights. Irish Spring in the Drugstore set makes wonderful flat icing; you just tint it with Colorize filter. I did add each decoration on its own layer for building ease.



The trees, icicles, and hills are made from my Icing tutorial. Gumdrop lights, pretzels and orange slice glass window are from my Snack Time lesson. Wreath is made from the red-blue JASC spiral tube that I modified to red-green. Ground snow and the other patterns are all from presets.


Door handle and candy cane light bracket are the only JASC tubes or outside tubes used in this image. I decided to leave the door crooked in this image- It's open slightly. I DID fix the door selection so it's perspectively pleasing. The log cabin is a pain to create and align the logs.


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