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PSP8 Beginner Tutorials: Effects

Welcome to my very first PSP8 tutorial. You are following along today as we revisit my old PSP7 Background tutorial. I've modified it slightly to accommodate the current Beta version I am using and the limited options in the Sculpture pattern choices. We will be playing with layers, effects and sculpture today. Since this is a whole new interface, you'll be getting more screen shots than usual. I am using the PSP8 default workspace, so those of you who already found the other workspace options might want to switch back for the tutorial at least.



Nope, no supplies. You should have all you need with your PSP8 version. However, You may need to choose another texture if you don't have both PSP7 and PSP8 because Parchment came with PSP7. Experiment! You could create an even better image.

  1. Open a new, 350x350 transparent image as shown in screen shot. (Quite a change! Don't Panic! lol)

    new Image

  2. Flood the layer with white. (Note the Flood tool icon has not changed between versions. The Color Palette was renamed the Materials Palette in PSP8 and acquired some new features.)

    Materials Palette

  3. Add a new layer and name it Light.
  4. Set your foreground texture to Parchment. (angle and scale are your choice) Flood fill with pastel color of your choice.

    Step 4

  5. From the top menu, Choose Effects->Texture Effects->Sculpture. Use the settings shown. Note, depending on the color you chose for Foreground, you will need a lighter or darker version of the Hue for the color option in this effect. Experiment!

    Sculpture Settings

  6. Add new layer named Medium. Flood fill the layer with a new color a bit darker than the previous color you used. Apply the same sculpture settings.
  7. Image->Rotate Clockwise 90.
  8. If you like the colors, merge visible the layers. (Right click on a layer and you'll see the option or check the Layers Menu.)
  9. Choose Effects->Art Media Effects->Brush Strokes and use the settings shown.

    Brush Strokes Settings

  10. Save your file. We are done here. You can go explore the new PSP8 Seamless Tile maker if you like.
  11. If you would like to find more PSP8 information, I created a PSP8 Links Page.

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